Mistakes Man United made against Chelsea | They would have won

Manchester United put quite a fantastic play against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Sunday but not to the level of the caliber of the squad they have at the moment. They played a more defensive game with few attacking chances, while Chelsea were seen to be more of a threat. It is clear that Man United tried to avoid conceding more goals which they did perfectly. They worked hard in this game, but the penalty incident was unfortunate for them.

Teams Mistake

Playing a defensive game isn’t a bad idea, but it was the best option given their current form.  One big mistake they made was to play a defensive game without attacking. If you know you want to play a defensive game, it is also essential to try and get a few players in front who can run. It is not surprising that Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t score, having come on as a substitute together with Jesse Lingard. The mid-field has to be creative and create chances for players like Ronaldo to score, but without that, it would be difficult for them to score. Bruno Fernandes looked really work out, but he didn’t seem to be at his top level as he was during the first months at the club.

Fred’s error

Manchester United would still have won the game if Fred had not wasted the chance after Mendy’s (Chelsea goalkeeper) ball giveaway. He had options, and one was to pass the ball to Ronaldo, or if he decided to go for a goal, he would have whipped it with pace to give the goalkeeper no chance of saving it. But it was a poor hit that saw Mendy save it with just a simple stretch of his arms.

What to expect

Manchester United could still line up with more defensive players but should ensure that they have players who can press and attack. The midfield should be quicker and be able to create chances, supply the ball and avoid reverting to the goalkeeper every time. Anytime they get the ball, they shouldn’t be facing their side. Always move the ball towards your opponent. With that, they will create chances for Ronaldo to score. They were not just attacking today, but good work to Michael Carrick.

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