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From rugby to becoming the fastest man in Kenya and Africa, Ferdinand Omanyala has proved that hard work can pay. As always, in sport, people face criticism. Some will talk negative things about someone, but Omanyala managed to even perform on the biggest stage in the sport when he qualified for the Tokyo Olympics. Many didn’t know that a Kenyan could have such brilliance in the 100-meter dash since Kenya is known for producing some of the best long-distance runners in the world. Of course, it was to the surprise of many that Omanyala managed to beat the second fastest man in the world and his idol, and the Jamaican legend Yohan Blake. That was unbelievable, right? Now he is proof that if you work hard, you can always achieve your dreams.

Jamaica’s Yohan Blake | Image: nytimes.com

Let’s talk about Omanyala’s brilliance in the 100 meters. One of the key factors is determination. In sport, there is no shortcut, you have to earn it through hard work, and Omanyala has been training for the longest time just to have what he has achieved. It would be harsh to judge people just because of where they come from because we are all humans. Simply because Kenya is known for producing long-distance runners, it doesn’t mean that it cannot do well in the sprints. Omanyala has set standards for the upcoming sprinters, and soon we will see more talents from Kenya in the sprints. As Eliud Kipchoge says, ‘no human is limited.’ When you limit yourself, you put an obstacle to your dream.

It is the belief that you can do anything and become who you want to be that will make you achieve what you want to achieve. Usain Bolt running in 9 seconds doesn’t mean that he is a superhuman, but well, that is fast. What underlined Bolt’s performance and great Jamaican performances in the sprints is hard work, determination, and passion for the sport. So, if a human being can run in 9.58 seconds, what stops you from setting your goals and achieving them. He’s got blood running in his veins just like you. But just remember, nothing comes easy. You got to work hard for it.

Omanyala (centre), comes second after Trayvon Bromell of the United States in Kasarani Stadium, Nairobi.
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