5 legit ways to make money online

Have you been wondering how you could make money online? Many people get stuck in deciding what to do in the digital space, and believe me; there are a lot of opportunities just waiting for you. The only thing you need to do is to strategize on how you are going to do it. Now I know you have all been stuck trying to google how to make money online, but you can’t find the best way to do that. Well, today am here to give you five ways that you can use to make legit money.

  1. Remotasks.

Have you seen this website that you can earn from just clicking and doing tasks? You actually don’t need money to sign up on Remotasks. It’s free, but all you need is a laptop and a good internet connection, then you are good to go. There are easy and difficult tasks on this platform, so you will need to train well because you only get paid for the accuracy of the tasks you do. I tried it, and it worked out; even though it won’t pay you much, it is still something to boost you. On this platform, you can do tasks like categorizing products, and 2D and 3D images. The more difficult the task, the higher the pay. But I suggest you start with the easy ones so that you can learn little by little. Now, this will not make you that Elon Musk you want, but like I said. It’s just a way to earn you something extra, and then you can later invest in other businesses.

2. Get paid to review books.

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Well, I am not a lover of reading long texts, but I try. If you love reading, then you can make money by just reviewing books. These websites need you to give an honest opinion regarding a certain book that they will assign you. So, make sure that you’ve read the book comprehensively so that you can give a quality review. Now for those of you who don’t know how to review books, it is easy, you can google it, and learn how to do it. If you are interested in this, try websites such as Booklist Online, Book Browse, and Online Book Club. These websites will give you a stream of work that you can work on and actually earn.

3. Write and sell a book.

Now, if you are an expert in something you love doing and are convinced that you can solve a problem, you can make money out of it. The book doesn’t have to be long, only that you need to give quality information that will give a solution or even educate people on a certain topic. For example, if you have a successful business that you want people to learn about, write about it and make sure that the information that you give will actually be insightful. You can also write kids’ books with stories to educate them and sell them on online platforms such as Amazon.

4. Blogging

This has been said a couple of times by many, but people do not actually know how to start. Basically, you can earn by writing short stories on websites and placing ads on them. Now, this is not going to work fast for you but see it as a long-term investment but what matters is your blog’s traffic. If you have thousands or even millions of web visits, then you have nailed it. When it comes to web traffic and even how to start your blog, many people get stuck here and give up on the whole idea. Still, for those of you who are interested in learning how to start a website, I will write an article to show you how you can make a website in a few steps and even how to purchase a domain because I am not going to lie to you, creating your own website might be complicated if you are doing it yourself but if you have a web designer it will also cost you a lot.

5. Affiliate marketing

Are you active on social media? This might be helpful to you. Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing in which you will get paid by businesses for bringing customers to them. It may sound like advertising, but you will get paid per the number of customers you drive to the company. There are a lot of affiliate marketing platforms, such as the Shopify Affiliate Program and CJ Affiliate. Now I will advise you to search them and sign up, and if you have a good following or even good web traffic, you can make money out of it.

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