Signs and causes of stress

There is a great connection between physical and mental health. Our emotions, in this case, affect our bodies. According to psychology, stress is one of the worst things a human being can experience. Our bodies respond to the way we think, feel and act. There are many reported cases of stomach ulcers and high blood pressure as a result of stress, statistics done by doctors show.

We all have experienced stress and depression at some point in life. Some of the common causes of stress according to psychologists are:

Pressure at work

Getting married or divorced

Financial problems

Death of loved ones

Job promotion

Being in a relationship. 

Well, some of the relationships that people engage themselves in do not meet their desires in the end. It could be because the two are having disagreements or they are having peer pressure from their friends. It’s good to live the life that you can afford and not the life that your friends are living, be yourself and don’t copy what others do. However, job promotion and become an issue when someone expects to get a promotion, but his expectations never come to reality.

If you experience the following signs, you might be experiencing stress and depression:


Dry mouth

Change or poor appetite

High blood pressure


Back pain

Weight loss

First of all, keeping these feelings of stress, anxiety or sadness inside can make you feel worse. The best thing you can do is to let your loved ones know when all is not well. They might not help in some cases, but it is always advisable to seek advice from religious leaders or even doctors. Talk about it and discuss the matter with colleagues or family members.

Lastly, calm your body and mind. This brings your emotions to balance. Take a walk and keep your mind meditating. Go to that river near you and watch the flowing water, this would be the best thing to stabilize your mind. Listen to music or even attend yoga sessions. In other words, let your mind be occupied by positive energy.

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