Why Nairobi is the best city

They call it the green city in the sun. Nairobi. One of the most vibrant and fast-growing cities in sub-Saharan Africa. Allow me to call it the New York of Africa. Here you can experience the adventure of a lifetime. The city’s geographical location gives it the advantage to have the best weather conditions, perfect to live in.  The city is known for its cultural diversity and hospitable people apart from being the only city in the world with a national park within its vicinity. If you don’t hear the lions roar, then you won’t miss the city’s unique matatus honking.

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The matatu culture has received global recognition due to its uniqueness. Public transport is not just like any other city. With a free internet connection, comfortable seats, and music, you get to commute in the city with comfort. Although the population has increased rapidly over the years, the need to expand the infrastructure has also increased in order to accommodate the thousands of vehicles and improve the efficiency of transport.

A matatu on the Streets of Nairobi

However, with the rapid modernization of the city, you can feel the presence of the culture as you walk on the streets. Diverse restaurants, many offering Swahili food, and other foods from around the world, just to make sure that you experience the world in one place. I met a guy on the streets, and told me “once you go Swahili food, there is no going back.” I didn’t understand what it meant until I tried mbuzi samosa and chapatis. Trust me, it is finger-licking. While many opt to wear imported clothing, the Maasai shukas are still an option for many. The Maasai are a Nilotic group found in the southern part of Kenya. But just 65 kilometers from the city center, you can experience the Maasai culture at the Maasai village.

Being the most developed city in East and Central Africa, Nairobi offers the best place for people to live and a conducive environment for business investment. The country’s capitalist ideology has enabled many people from around the world to set up their businesses, enjoying reduced taxation from the government as compared to the developed world. The official languages are Kiswahili and English, but Sheng; a mixture of Swahili and English words and other local slang words is widely spoken.

Spending a weekend here is one of the best. You can decide to take a nature walk in Karura forest and experience a fresh breath of air as you listen to birds chirp on the green trees. A perfect place to relax your mind as you watch the water flow and fall in the Nairobi River. You can also spend your weekend in the coastal region. With the construction of the standard gauge railway, it only takes you five hours to travel to Mombasa.

Moreover, it has a population of over four million people, with many coming from rural areas in search of employment and a modern lifestyle. Housing is affordable if you have a source of income, and you can get access to high-end apartments to cheaper houses.

Its continuous development promises a better future for the majority of the younger generation. We simply call it the best place to be.

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