Effects of junk foods you don’t know

Have you ever imagined why hospitals have been crowded and fully occupied over the recent years? Nowadays, many cases of life-threatening illnesses have highly been reported. Heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and osteoporosis have claimed the lives of many people throughout the world. Why are these diseases rampant? It’s a question that many will ask themselves.

But do you know that you are what you eat? The foods we consume determine the safety of our bodies to the exposure to these chronic diseases. Foods rich in cholesterol and high sugar pose a great danger to one’s health. Nevertheless, some of the genetically modified foods can make our bodies resistant to antibiotics, research conducted by scientists proved.

However, many people suffer from obesity. This results from excess calories of energy in the body. Consumption of a high-energy diet and physical inactivity makes our bodies gain a lot of weight within a short period causing obesity.

The risk of fracture bones goes high for older people. Some people recover very fast from fractures, while others take longer. Consuming foods rich in calcium can make your bones stronger.

There is a significant relationship between diet and physical activities of a person for good health. Take adequate water, consume less sugary foods and increase your physical activity patterns to prevent these diseases and prolong your lifespan.

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