Should we go to school later?

Indeed not but to some extent, one could weigh the opportunities they have and make profound choices. It could be difficult for someone in a developing country to concentrate on sports more than education. Everyone needs to be educated but many young people forget that they have other talents that they can use besides education to make their lives better. 

A good example would be Samuel Eto’o, one of Africa’s best footballers of all time. He has played for one of the biggest clubs in the world and became a millionaire. Eto’o attended the Kadji Sports Academy in Douala, Cameroon, and first came to national prominence while playing for UCB Douala, a second-division club, in the 1996 Cup of Cameroon. At only 16 years of age, he caught the attention of Real Madrid, one of the top teams in Europe who signed him in 1997. Playing for such a club sealed the deal for his dreams.

After years of his football career, he retired and now he announced that he will be joining Harvard University to further his studies. What a good example? It might not be a fact that he left his studies for football but he only decided to do what came best of him as a young African. Not every one of us could be lucky as an African to start their football career at a tender age and in such a club. But we have opportunities that we can explore and make our country better.

As a developing country, we should combine both education and talent and give each equal priority. This could be the start of a better future for the youth. It would not take a century to make a difference since we lack facilities but the government is capable of providing such facilities. Sport is one of the sector that is able to create thousands of job opportunities for many young people. We have a lot of youths who have dropped out of school due to either lack of financial support or other constraints.

Nevertheless, it could be a great achievement at a personal level and even at the governmental level if the youth could start supporting themselves financially at the age of 18 years. This could also reduce the dependency ratio by a great percentage. 

There are so many malicious practices that have resulted due to unemployment and idleness by the youth. We could see this cut-down or even completely eradicated.

Let’s embrace talent and sports.

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