Could we see more achieve their dreams

 It is hard to explain the nostalgia that strikes me when I remember how I had the opportunity as a ten-year-old kid, playing football all day. I had little opportunities; no mentors or even the necessary facilities. I let myself play just to pass time and sure I did. It was just wasteful. Time changes and we also need to adjust so that we make tomorrow better for the next generation.

As one approaches their 20s, they get more and more committed to looking for formal employment. Basically, education is one of the biggest tasks that occupy a person’s time. Children below the age of ten do not realise that what they do could be their talent until someone explains to them. Do you think without you helping them climb the ladder they will do it on their own? What I have realised is that there is a great need for everyone as a parent or guardian to observe their children, know what they like and what they are best at then empower them. Kids between 5-15 years have a great time to explore themselves and prepare themselves for the future. We have to help the future generation be free from regrets of why they never did a certain thing when they were young.

Talent is something that needs to be natured in the early stages of one’s childhood. Why are we having a lot of football clubs in Kenya rich in talent but all they get at the end of the day is never sustainable? It might be lack of exposure, state of economy or scouting for that matter. But we have to agree that we lag behind when it comes to sports facilities. We need a society where sport can sustain one financially. If sports could pay 50% of the youths in Kenya, then we could solve the issue of unemployment by far.

Most are the times when the youth are left with no option but to just work with what is available even if it doesn’t suit them. Take a look at someone who wanted to become an engineer, went to university and studied engineering but soon as they graduate, no job opportunity and now they have to work as truck drivers who earn low wages. In the same scenario, the same person might have been talented in sports and they could have participated in different competitions and earned certificates but now they have lost everything due to lack of opportunities.

Think of a future where footballers from other continents would want to play in the African leagues. It sounds like a thousand years to come but any simple that can get the youths engaged might help. We have to embrace sports more in our institutions.

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