Climate Change and the Future

The world is currently facing a problem that needs urgent solutions. Climate change. Many do not know the impacts this phenomenon has on the environment we are living in, especially in developing countries with limited resources for research and knowledge sharing.

However, the effects of climate change have now become rampant. From rising sea levels to extreme temperatures and forest fires, these effects can now be seen in every part of the world. Human activities on the planet are the greatest root causes of climate change.

Nearly one million hectares are destroyed every year, removing an important buffer of extreme weather and releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Besides, eleven percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans are caused by deforestation comparable to the emissions from all of the cars and trucks on the planet. A report by Conservation International indicates.

There is a need for every individual to take the action in order to combat climate change. But first, the information should be available for the youth so that they come up with solutions that can effectively counter this menace; this should be the responsibility of research institutions. According to the UN, the world has less than 15 years to tackle this issue. The clock is still ticking but less has been done. We need a better society for a better future, and the government should be at the forefront. For example, Italy has taken the step into making it a requirement in school and dedicating at least one hour to discuss the issue.

The government of Kenya is tasked with supporting and implementing solutions not to exclude initiatives aimed at creating awareness. This is as stated in article 12 of the Paris Agreement on climate change that climate change education, training, public awareness, public participation, and public access to information would be enhanced. It is a factor that is highly required if we would come up with tangible solutions that would effectively lead to climate change adaptation.

More trees need to be planted, deforestation should be illegalized, and also electric cars should replace petrol-engine driven vehicles as the first step towards combating climate change.

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